Mold flow analysis (MFA) software simulates the flow of plastic, which allows you to elevate part and mold design to create products of impeccable quality. Like other simulation software, MFA gives you a virtual sneak peek into how your material of choice will fill the mold’s cavities and offers a head’s up on potential problem spots. The benefit is obvious, right? Simulating the process digitally means you can make changes BEFORE A TOOL IS CUT. This one thing is a big cost-saving, not to mention a time saver as well.

When Should Mold Flow Analysis be used?

In case it wasn’t clear, MFA is conducted before plastic injection tooling production launches. (It wouldn’t make much sense to use it afterward!) Using a selected gate location and material properties, the software is able to predict how the part will fill during molding. Different data points can be assessed, including pressure, fill time and melt temperature. Doing so allows for optimization of the process before tool manufacturing ever begins.

plastic injection tooling
plastic injection tooling

Is Analysis Necessary for Every Application?

The short answer: not necessarily. The following factors can help you decide whether MFA should be used for your application:


The more perplexing the item geometry, the more advantage you’ll get from MFA. Why? At the point when the item’s plan is increasingly complicated, the stream is less unsurprising. It’s simpler to foresee how a straightforward form configuration would fill, for instance.


Tight resistances are an abomination to plastic injection tooling creators in any case. Programming that can investigate and determine if an item will meet spec before cutting an apparatus is a gift from heaven.


Unmistakably an undertaking would need to meet certain monetary necessities to warrant the speculation of assets — time, programming and ability — to run the tests.

Unordinary MATERIALS

Designers realize the fill examples of standard materials yet others — particularly materials that incorporate fillers — advantage from the direct front examination.

Here’s a video from MFA programming creator Solidworks exhibiting how the product functions and why it tends to be a precious instrument during the plan procedure.

There are numerous advantages to MFA. They include:

  • Goals of divider thickness intricacies
  • Door area streamlining
  • Shape depressions fill reliably and consistently
  • Find abandons in structure geometry
  • Forestall costly tooling blunders and revise
  • Upgrade manufacturability
  • Lessen time to advertise
  • Lift productivity and quality
  • Uncovers potential visual deformities, including air traps, sink checks and weld lines
  • Evaluate diverse material choices, pre-creation
  • Gives information to help configuration changes