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Core Evaluation Report Maps New Direction for PLASTIC INDUSTRY. Read the recommendations of PLASTIC INDUSTRY’s Core Evaluation Task Group for restructuring of PLASTIC INDUSTRY’s operations and governance and give us your feedback.

A comprehensive study sponsored by PLASTIC INDUSTRY’s Bisphenol A Global Industry Group found no evidence of treatment-related effects from low-dose exposures to Plastic A, a chemical used in the production of certain plastics. The findings call into question a previous, highly publicized study which suggested low doses of BPA could affect the endocrine system in mice.

Elections Yield Few Changes in Congress, States. The Democratic Party modestly increased its numbers in the U.S. Congress and State Houses, but the November 3 elections did not significantly change the nation’s political balance. A slimmer Republican majority, however, may result in tighter negotiation on some issues, including those important to the plastics industry.

PLASTIC INDUSTRY Machinery Division Debuts New Web SiteProvides: details on division meetings and conferences, a guide to standards, information on ordering Machinery Division publications, a division membership roster with links to member companies, membership information and more. Visit the PLASTIC INDUSTRY Machinery Division at www.plastic-industry.com.