GC mold is plastic mold maker manufactures custom plastic molds & custom thermoplastic injection molded components to the Automotive, industrial, commercial, fastener, electronic and consumer products industries. From the beginning, our strength has been our high level of quality, consistent and responsive performance, coupled with our competitive conversion rates. While we are a mid-sized company we offer value added services that you would expect from a large company such as tooling design and development, Mold-flow analysis, statistical and documentation capabilities including PPAP requirements, warehousing, and assembly and sub-operations.

Our quality management system is registered to ISO9001:2000. The continual improvement results speak for themselves and have lead to performance numbers such as an on time delivery percentage running at 99.8%. We have partnered with institutions such as the nationally recognized Penn State plastics consortium which allows us to have access to the latest technical innovations in the industry and the associated individuals who are recognized as leaders in the plastics field. While many injection molding companies have struggled over the past several years, both our sales and our customer base have grown. This give us confidence in our strategy to provide the level of service that we do in a condensed no-nonsense package.

Looking for plastic mold maker to support your business? Contact us. We look forward to opportunities to serve you and your company.