We now have the capability to do liquid silicone rubber using the Babyplast Micro Injection Molding machines, included is a LSR.
cold runner systems for only rubber molding, both compression and injection.1) With our COLD RUNNER SYSTEM, we inject the compound very close to 32 mold cavities, obtaining high-quality seals with minimum compound waste.
cold runner systems for only rubber molding, both compression, and injection.
2) With our COLD RUNNER SYSTEM, up to 16 exit nozzles, we can inject rubber into one or multiple nozzle molds without removing the CRS from the press.
The standard cold runner systems “CRS”, with pnuematic shut-off nozzles and chokes, offer economic, manufacturing and material advantages for processing liquid silicon rubber (LSR) in injection molds. The processing of HTV, EPDM, Viton, and other rubber compounds is also possible under certain conditions. Reduced or eliminated sprue and/or runners, offer shorter cycle and set-up times, as well as the reduced residence time of the material.
The following “CRS” features permit the economic manufacture, both technically and optically, of liquid silicone injection molded products of high quality. The “CRS” is supplied completely set up: Standard or special nozzle spacings permit the usage of a “CRS” with several cavity plates for molding of different parts. Rapid clamping elements for fast, simple changing of cavity plates. Production of injection molded parts with no sprue or runner is possible by the precisely defined thermal separation between the “CRS” and the heated cavity plate. Reduced gate vestige is achieved by the shut-off type valve gated system insuring optimum quality molded parts. A valve gate system is able to perform at high temperatures without cross-linking “[SR’ material in the gate area. Shorter cycle times are possible since the cavity plate can be operated at higher temperatures. This is particularly advantageous for large or thick wall parts. Optimum balancing of multi-drop systems is achieved by regulating the material flow to each cavity by the use of integral chokes, or flow regulators at each nozzle. Minimum mechanical shear is exerted on the “LSR” material due to the larger gates possible with our valve gates system. The single drop “CRS” nozzles are financially advantageous for prototype or short-run projects.
Specially designed 10 drops cold runner system to inject EPDM rubber compounds.
4 drop valve gate system with 4 drops in line. Designed to run in a 22 ton Boy machine. Includes “Chokes” and quick mold clamp system custom-designed 16 drop valve gate system with chokes and quick mold clamp system.