Plastic Extrusion Design

When looking to design a plastic extrusion, you may want to consider the following design tips.

Basic Die Design

  • Flat Plate Die – Plate with the shape of the part cut through the die with no transition guiding the material. This is a low cost design for low volume production.
  • Semi-streamlined Die – At the back of the die the edges and corners have radii to help the material transition into the die.
  • Fully Streamlined Die – The die aggressively channels the material evenly throughout the die. This design is most expensive and ideal for high volume jobs.

Part Design

  • Importance of Consistent Wall Thickness – Consistent wall thickness is the most important aspect in the design of your part. It allows for an even flow of material through the die that produces more controlled parts with a lower tooling cost.
  • Hollow Section Design – Avoid designing profiles with hollow sections, they add significantly to the cost of both the part and the tooling.